About Lesbian.org

In the beginning...

Lesbian.org first began in the mid-1990’s and was one of the first major web sites for lesbians. For many years the site provided a comprehensive list of web links and also hosted discussion lists and web sites for lesbian-oriented non-profits. The site also sponsored a lesbian literary journal called Sapphic Ink.

You can see an early interview I gave about lesbian.org on NetCafe on this page on Archive.org Also check out earlier versions of lesbian.org in the WayBack Machine.

Flash Forward

Now that the web has grown and changed so much, I’m trying to figure out how to make the best use of Lesbian.org The site comes fairly high in Google searches, which makes me wonder what kind of resource visitors are looking for, and whether such a resource exists elsewhere.

I’m open to suggestions from visitors!

Looking For?

Web Resources for Lesbians

The most common questions visitors to the site have are: how do I deal with coming out? and how do I meet other lesbians?

I've gathered a few resources to help with each question:

Coming Out

Gathering Spots

Wayback When...

Here's a screen shot of what Lesbian.org looked like around 1997, thanks to the amazing Wayback Machine.

(Lesbian.org circa 1997)